Customer acquisition is a term that’s used to explain the link between marketing and sales. You need marketing to draw people in and you need sales to get them to buy. So how do we acquire more customers?

  • Incorporate a combination of marketing tactics
      Creating a brand that is easy to recognize and top of mind is a key component for marketing in today’s competitive business world. Visual and verbal elements that are incorporated into a cross section of marketing materials that are used over a period of time through multiple channels can serve to differentiate your company from the pack. And that’s how the branding gets built in the mind of the consumer.
  • Find out who you customer is and how best to reach them
      Sending marketing information out through multiple channels might be crucial to brand building, but it only works if you’re sending out through channels that actually land where your target market is located. Know your customers and know how they like to receive information, then you can use that information to push your marketing out to them.
  • Develop a database for customer contact
    Once you identify your target market, log contact information into a dedicated customer database. Every time you contact the customer, make a note in the database. Communication can come in all forms including marketing materials sent by email, sales presentations, phone calls, in-person meetings, etc. Documenting your interaction is useful for many reasons. One is that you always know where you left off with each customer. Another is that you are aware of the communication channels regularly used by your company and can determine what works and what doesn’t work. Probably the most important feature of this is that you gain a measurable means of understanding your sales cycle.

    The database is your architecture for managing your customers and the marketing tactics are the vehicles that get you to them. Knowing who they are and what they read or view is the most efficient way to spend your marketing budget.

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